Scaling Up

Working with Scale

Dates: Friday 29th + Saturday 30th September
Times: 10am -4.30pm

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F I L M + T E L E V I S I O N
M a s t e r C l a s s e s

Working in Film and TV designers and clients will provide scale drawings from which commercial sculptors need to make accurate life size replicas. This is an essential skill for working in the industry.

The ability to work to scale is an invaluable skill for artists. Whether you wish to take a 6” maquette and recreate it as 20” sculpture or you need to create a scale model as part of an exhibition proposal, or large public commission the ability to work to scale is extremely beneficial. The technique you will learn on this course is age old and was practiced by all the greats.

During this course you learn how to read scale drawings and scale up an object in clay.

Cost: £160

This course will cover

Reading scale drawings
How to read a scale ruler
Scale models and maquette
Maquette to large scale sculpture
Working and managing large scale sculptures
You will have the opportunity to scale up an object in clay

Geraldine Owens

Geraldine Owens is a sculptor based in Northern Ireland working in Film +Television. She uses traditional sculpture techniques essential to work in this field of the industry.

Owens has worked as Head Sculptor on Netflix The School for Good and Evil and the upcoming film Damsel. She was supervising construction sculptor on HBO ‘Game Of Thrones, Northman and Blood Moon along with many other roles as sculptor and modeller.

During Owens career, she has been fortunate enough to work alongside master crafts people from a wide range of disciplines..“Sharing these skills and making them more readily available to our artists, current and upcoming, is something I feel extremely passionate about, it is something that can only strengthen our creative industries in Northern Ireland, which will inevitably lead to more opportunities for our artists.”

Flax Art Sculpture Workshop will be presenting two master classes with Owens who will deliver traditional sculpture techniques very rarely taught in formal education today. The courses are open to anyone interested in learning more about the techniques used in the industry or if you are looking to develop your observational and technical skills.